Approximately 17,000 people are diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer each year in the UK. Despite recent therapeutic advances, melanoma is still the most aggressive skin cancer, with a 15-20% 5-year survival rate. In the past 15 years, major progress has been made in the areas of immunotherapy and kinase inhibitors, now the the backbone of systemic therapy. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, is considered a second-line treatment option. Yet, we are still at the early stages of developing combined treatments for advanced stage melanomas, and ongoing research and clinical trial participation is essential to combat this disease.

Recently, a dear friend was diagnosed with an advanced form of melanoma. They are exploring alternative routes of treatment to chemotherapy, due to the long lasting and harsh side effects these drugs have.

I am running both the Ibiza Marathon and the Hackney Half Marathon this spring to support the amazing research done by the University of Manchester Melanoma Project UK. Funding this research will allow us to improve our understanding of this disease, and hence develop less invasive and more efficient treatments.

Thank you for all your support!!! Jamie Thompson