Melanoma Awareness Working Group New research has found that nearly 90% of melanomas are preventable, so raising awareness is of utmost importance to slowing the rapidly rising worldwide rates of diagnoses.

Despite the best efforts of many groups to raise awareness, much is still unknown about what messaging effects change in public behavior, which is where the Melanoma Awareness Working Group sees the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Currently, the Awareness Working Group is striving to:

• Develop new approaches to both primary prevention (sun safety messaging to prevent melanoma from occurring) and secondary prevention (detecting melanoma early after it has occurred)

• Educate the public on how to do self-screenings and training primary care physicians on how to evaluate suspicious lesions.

• Promote reputable cancer registries for improved patient outcomes.

• Increase public awareness with a focus on photoprotection.

• Create core messaging regarding prevention for Coalition members to adapt for their countries and distribute to their constituencies.

Additionally, one of the most meaningful initiatives for the group has been the creation of the first World Melanoma Month. Hereafter, World Melanoma Month will be recognized during the month of May each year around the world. All 25 partner countries will conduct their own outreach and public health initiatives that meet their unique cultural needs.