A recent survey estimates one-fifth of melanomas undiagnosed during Covid-19 pandemic

Comparison with World Health Organization incidence rates suggest over 3,700 early-stage melanomas were undiagnosed in the UK. Lockdowns and pressure on healthcare systems result in one-third of skin check appointments being missed. 

A survey of over 700 dermatologists around the world has revealed the shocking impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the detection of melanoma skin cancer. Compared to a normal year of performing patient skin examinations, dermatologists estimate that one fifth (21%) of melanomas may have gone undiagnosed in 2020, with one third (33.6%) of appointments missed due to the pandemic.

With this trend set to continue until we all emerge from the pandemic, it has never been more important for people to check their own skin for melanoma. 

In response to the Covid pandemic and building on our existing #LOOKUP campaign the Global Coalition for Melanoma Patient Advocacy – the alliance of melanoma-related charitable organisations behind the survey – has launched two skin self-exam tools:

  1. A voice-activated digital assistant ‘Skin Check’ app – Available on both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant platforms, the app guides people through what to look for, and the seven steps for conducting a full-body skin exam. The assistant finished by offering to set a recurring monthly reminder for the exam. Once enabled, users can simply ask Alexa or Google: “Open Skin Check” or "Hey Google, talk to Skin Check(To activate and use the app, people should head over to AMAZON.COM)
  2. A skin self-exam video – Similar in scope to the app, the video covers the ABCD&E warning signs of melanoma, and the seven steps for checking the body. Pauses between the seven steps have been included in the film, so that the viewer can simply take their phone or tablet into a bathroom, hit play, and follow the instructions in real time.

In the fight against melanoma skin cancer, early detection and treatment is critical. Both the voice-activated app and the video are free to use, so we encourage everybody to find just 10 minutes each month and make conducting a skin self-exam part of their regular routine.

In addition, Melanoma UK and health technology company SkinVision has joined forces to provide a service that helps people to perform regular skin checks and flags up potential cancers to the attention of healthcare professionals. The new SkinVision Melanoma UK service will prompt users to make regular skin checks a habit, in line with the ongoing ‘LOOK UP’ campaign.

In app reminders, body mapping and 95% accurate AI smartcheck assessments help people to seek care when they need it. 

The partnership gets off to a flying start with FREE annual licenses to existing and new patients using the My Melanoma App  For full details on how to claim your free licence click the following link 


In addition, for anyone not using the My Melanoma App, SkinVision will be discounting annual Skinhealth programmes by 50% until the end of March. This offer is available on both iPhone and Android devices. Using your mobile device click this link and the exclusive Melanoma UK discount will be automatically applied.


As the SkinVision charity of choice, a donation will be made to Melanoma UK for every UK licence purchased to further other awareness campaigns.

Whatever way you choose, please make conducting a skin self-examination part of your regular routine.