Anthea Smith was a wonderful young woman.  She was bright, funny, courageous, witty, determined, she was everything any charity would want in an Ambassador.  Yet Anthea was much more than one of our Ambassadors, she quickly became a very good friend - not only to the team here at Melanoma UK, but to many other melanoma patients. 

Anthea was diagnosed with melanoma a number of years ago, she would readily admit that she used to love the sun and had used sunbeds very regularly.  She was desperate to share the message of the dangers of sunbeds and appeared regularly on TV and radio, sharing her story with as many people as possible.  Several journalists picked up on her story and she never said no, such was her strength and determination to deliver her message.  Even in the last few weeks of her life, Anthea was interviewed by a national magazine.  

Anthea used social media to share her messages and on a number of occasions she would cross swords with supporters of the sunbed industry.  She never flinched, she simply told her story with brutal honesty. 

Everyone who met Anthea took an instant liking to her, she had the most beautiful smile, a brilliant sense of humour - she was simply one of life's lovely people. 

Anthea leaves her beloved family, Ste, Harry, Robbie and Charlie, the chocolate labrador.  We will miss her terribly and will always be grateful for her friendship and the support she has given to many. 

Rest in peace Anth, our lovely Ambassador.