This week is "Children’s Art Week" so it's competition time here at Melanoma UK.

Over the past months, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how essential creativity and the visual arts are for learning, connecting and wellbeing 🌈

This week's theme is The Natural World 🌍 and fits perfectly with our LOOKUP campaign (Look Up when the sun is out and apply your sunscreen & Look Up when it's a full moon and carry out your skin checks.)

So we want to see how creative the little ones can be when it comes to drawing the Sun 🌞 and the Moon 🌔

There is no brief, they can be as creative and doodle as much as they want.

All they need to do to enter is to draw their interpretation of the Sun and the Moon. Share it on Facebook or Instagram (please remember to make sure you tag Melanoma UK in), and then we will announce the winner on Sunday 5th July - just in time for our next full moon!

The winner will receive a fab prize and their drawing will be used throughout the year as part of our LOOKUP campaign....there could be a little creative Picasso in the making so don't delay enter today 👩‍🎨🎨👨‍🎨

Entries close at 12noon on Friday 3rd July. Please ask the children to add their name and their age to their drawing. Good luck everyone 

For more information on the Global 2020 LOOKUP CAMPAIGN click here. 

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