One of our newest Ambassadors is reaching for the skies on July 7th in Cirencester.

David Uttley has been living with various stages of Melanoma for nearly 12 years now. His most recent run in was in September 2021 when he needed to have the vast majority of his pancreas and all of his spleen removed in a fourteen hour operation – he is now stage 4.

David is now on a fund raising mission for Melanoma UK to raise money for an Horus Mole Mapping scanner which costs £50k – so far his fund raising efforts have raised an impressive £20k.

His venture on July 7th is to celebrate his “flying start” and he will be completing wing-walks to try and increase his total raised so far and he really wants to do 2 things:

❖ Raise awareness of this dreadful cancer and raise money at the same time
❖ Create a blog to inspire others that this diagnosis is not the end- it’s merely the start of another chapter.

In 3 weeks time David will be flying again - this time on a much bigger plane!! His destination is Tanzania. TO CLIMB KILIMANJARO!!! 

Please consider donating either using his fund raiser on Melanoma UK website or on his GoFund page that has been created for Melanoma UK.

By donating you will help David achieve his goals but you will also receive regular updates as to the progress of his incredible exploits.

Here are a couple of links that provide an insight into David’s adventures: - Kilimanjaro - Wing- walk