Our colleagues at Melanoma Research Foundation embarked on a Survivorship Initiative over a year ago to assess the needs of US melanoma survivors and help identify gaps.   The initial work provided a lot of data on survivor demographics, needs beyond treatment and ongoing resources that can be developed to inform a standard of care.

During a recent advisory board meeting with Novartis, the topic of survivorship was discussed, and it was learned that this term is viewed differently depending on where in the world you live and the needs of survivors also vary.

As a member of the Global Coalition Steering Group, Melanoma UK would like to engage UK patients and/or their caregivers to help address the needs of melanoma survivors. The output will be used to form an Executive Summary of findings to help inform next steps in our respective countries. 

Please take a moment to complete the attached survey if you are a melanoma survivor or caregiver, and share the survey link below with your communities.

Global Coalition for Melanoma Patient Advocacy: Survivorship Survey

The questionnaire answers will remain anonymous. No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study. 

Thank you all for your dedication and continued support of Melanoma UK

Gill & Di

For more information on the work we do as a member of the Global Coalition for Melanoma Patient Advocacy please click here