Immunotherapy is effective at reducing the chance of recurrence after surgery for Stage 3 melanoma and is available on the NHS in this setting but the development of new adjuvant treatments for Stage II melanomas is greatly needed.

The Keynote 716 study will recruit approximately 954 participants globally, aged 12 years or over, with surgically resected high-risk Stage II melanoma to either pembrolizumab or placebo.

Eligible patients are those with primary melanomas greater than 4mm in thickness (or 2mm if ulcerated) with NEGATIVE sentinel node biopsy.

Treatment needs to start within 12 weeks of surgery so eligible patients should be seen to discuss the trial as soon as results from sentinel node biopsy are available.

The trial will take place at four study centres in the UK: the Marsden, the Christie, Guys Hospital and Cambridge.

Professor James Larkin can be contacted direct by email [email protected]


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