Melanoma UK and LifeJacket, a sun protection brand designed for men, are working together to bring much needed attention to the increase in numbers of men with melanoma.  Most men will openly admit to being pretty poor at skin care: for many men it is soap and aftershave or balm (and that might only be if they are going out).

The founders of LifeJacket, three young men, Jono, Rob and Billy, watched three of their male friends deal with cancer diagnoses, and as they saw the impact of the disease they realised that cancer can happen to any man and at any age.  They began to research various cancers and hit upon skin cancer.  They were each astonished by their findings.  By 2040 the incidence of skin cancer in men is predicted to rise by 90% and they realised that despite the risks of not using sun screen, men are twice as likely as women not to use it.

They furthered their research and studied hundreds of men, asking them why they don’t look after their skin.  The responses ranged from, “too greasy”  “too girly” “to hard to rub in” or simply “too much hassle”.  Realising that some of these men were their friends and family, they embarked on a project to bring a world class product exclusively for men.

“#GotYourBack” is now in the vocabulary of all men connected with Life Jacket – the mission is simple:  To stop men getting skin cancer.

Partnering with Melanoma UK is a sensible move:  Every day, Melanoma UK speak to men and women whose lives have been shattered by melanoma.  The messages are often clear:  men just haven’t looked after their skin over the years.

Speaking from the head office in Greater Manchester, Melanoma UK’s founder, Gill Nuttall said “LifeJacket is such a clever way of getting men to take care of their skin in a way that they haven’t bothered to before.  The products have been developed by men, for men, so they really have got it right.  The formula, packaging, cost, this will fit well with any man of any age.  We are really happy to be partnering with them

One of the three LifeJacket co-founders, Jono, added "We couldn't think of a better partner than Melanoma UK. The amazing work they do and support they offer thousands of people dealing with melanoma is not only humbling but also vital. Partnering with them gives us a fantastic opportunity to continue to raise men's awareness of the potential dangers of the sun and the importance of protecting your skin all year round."

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