As lockdown starts to lift and we discover the joys of the great outdoors, our partners LifeJacket Skin Protection, the SPF skincare and clothing brand for men, have launched their new #ThinkAboutIt campaign to encourage men to protect and check their skin more regularly.

The campaign features professional sportsmen including British champion wakeboarders Luke and Ryan Peacock, as well as GB Paralympic cyclists Jaco van Gass and Jon Gildea and cycling commentator Brian Smith - all LifeJacket brand ambassadors.

#ThinkAboutIt is about disrupting the ignorance around skin cancer, making guys stop and listen, and arming them with the knowledge of the risks and how they can reduce them. Skin cancer is largely preventable and so stopping to #ThinkAboutIt and take simple steps can save lives.

The 'boys' have been very busy in the press this year.....take a look for yourself (they even get a mention in GQ!) 

Don't forget to head over to their website for more detail on #ThinkAboutIt

LifeJacket Skin Protection, has also partnered with artificial intelligence phone app, SkinVision, to offer every single one of their customers free, instant, and unlimited skin checks for seven days. 

Every LifeJacket customer will receive a special access code with any order placed on their website. This code will give LifeJacket customers unlimited free access to the SkinVision app.

LifeJacket has also secured a 50% discount for its customers should they choose to upgrade to a 12-month license. This will cost customers £25 instead of £50 and allows them to continue using the service to monitor their skin regularly and map any changes in their skin and moles over time, as recommended by dermatologists.

LifeJacket and SkinVision are both partnered with Melanoma UK and a donation of £4 will be made to us for each license upgrade with a view to funding further skin cancer awareness campaigns. 

Skin cancer cases have exploded over the past 20 years. In the UK, men are almost twice as likely to die from skin cancer than women. Most men could be much better at checking their skin and often ignore abnormalities, leaving diagnosis too late. It was with this in mind that LifeJacket approached SkinVision. 

Through high-performing products designed specifically for men’s needs and preferences, LifeJacket’s mission is to stop male skin cancer by encouraging more men to protect their skin daily. 

LifeJacket is keen to encourage both protection and detection. They want guys to take life outside but protect themselves while they’re at it. Persuading men to change their behaviour is a big challenge. We want to set out the facts and equip them with the knowledge. Offering men a simple tool that they can use in the privacy of their own home is a major step forward in their mission. If you spend just ten minutes a month checking your skin with this app, it could save your life.

  • Across the globe, 1.3million people have used the app, uploading 3.5million photos. 92k incidences of skin cancers have been found as a result. 
  • Instant check - The artificial intelligence app uses the phone’s camera to take a photo of a skin spot that concerns the user. The iOS and Android app assesses the photo using a CE-marked, clinically validated algorithm. 
  • Within 30 seconds, the user receives a risk indication, detailing whether it is recommended to visit a doctor for further examination of the lesion, or to check regularly for any changes.
  • Tracking changes – A subscription with SkinVision LifeJacket also tracks your skin spots. You can securely save photos of your skin spots so you can look for changes over time. You can set reminders to check your skin regularly.