Meet Dr. Zena Willsmore, our new Medical Advisor specialising in immunotherapy in melanoma patients.

Dr Willsmore is a Dermatology Specialist Registrar in London and is currently completing a PhD at King's College London. 

She undertook medical training at Imperial College London, graduating with Honours and Distinctions in 2010. Zena also completed an intercalated Bachelor of Science degree in Endocrinology in 2008. 

Zena underwent general medical training in London before starting dermatology training in 2014.

In 2019 she was awarded a Cancer Research UK Clinical Fellowship to carry out research to complete a PhD which is ongoing.

Her research focuses on mechanisms of action of immunotherapy in melanoma patients. 

Melanoma UK is delighted to have Dr Willsmore join the Melanoma UK team.

Read more on our MEDICAL ADVISORS page. 

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