Melanoma UK is pleased to share the Melanoma Awareness Matters report, published by the pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb.

With melanoma rising and being the fifth most common cancer in the UK, it is important for the public to understand melanoma and its symptoms, especially given its ability to spread to other organs if not treated at an early stage.

This report summarises results from a survey completed by 2,354 adults in the UK on the current awareness and understanding of melanoma and its associated risk factors.  

Ultimately, the report suggests that awareness of melanoma is not as commonplace as it should be and that more needs to be done to raise awareness of how to spot melanoma in its early stages.  The report makes a series of recommendations regarding the understanding and awareness of melanoma, as well as attitudes to sun safety and sunbeds, which can help ensure that the general public is protected and aware of the threat of melanoma.

Melanoma Awareness Matters - Bristol Myers Squibb

Melanoma UK and Melanoma Focus were invited by Bristol Myers Squibb to share our expertise in shaping the survey.