We are happy to announce that Melanoma UK is now a content partner of Healthinote.

Developed by the Cognitant Group, Healthinote is a unique platform for doctors, nurses and pharmacists to prescribe to patients health information that they can trust.

Used by over 1,000 GP practices in the UK, clinicians and members of the public can search among over 4,500 clinically authored articles to share reliable information about conditions, symptoms and medicines.

Melanoma UK will be adding to Healthinote's list of trusted sources which includes the NHSORCHA recommended apps, HCI's Health and Care videos and many of the best known charities.

We are delighted that this will enable clinicians to quickly and simply signpost people to our support services and the wealth of information we have available.  

At Melanoma UK, our mission is to ensure patients are fully supported through every stage of their melanoma skin cancer journey.  Our aim is simple, we want to provide patients, their carers, families and health care professionals with educational resources along with support and, by working in collaboration with Healthinote, we can achieve this.

To check out Healthinote for yourself, go to patient.healthinote.com

If you are a clinician and wish to trial the clinician interface of Healthinote to create information prescriptions, contact Cognitant, the company behind Healthinote, at 
[email protected]