A phase three study is now open in several centres in the UK.

A randomised study, (Melmart2) which will determine whether there is a difference in local recurrence rates and melanoma survival rates for patients treated with either a 1cm excision margin or 2cm margin for both intermediate & high risk melanomas.

The study is designed to be able to prove or disprove that there is no difference in risk of the tumour recurring around the scar or anywhere else in the body between the two groups of patients.

This study is designed to show that the risk of long-term pain associated with surgery can be halved. If the study shows no risk of the tumour recurrence then we will also be able to determine how much of an impact the narrower excision has on patients in terms of improved quality of life and reduced side effects from the surgery and melanoma disease.

This trial will also evaluate and determine the economic impact of narrower excision margins on the health services and society in general.

The study is recruiting in Norwich and Liverpool, with other sites across the UK set to open in the coming months. 

Melanoma UK is very proud to be working with several teams in bringing this study to patients.