Usually, at this time of year, we would all be thinking about summer holidays, getting the children ready for their long summer break, spending time with our families, etc.  Many families  have just spent several months in lockdown and when you got to that point where you just couldn't do another online Zoom meeting and you absolutely could not  face reading the same Peppa Pig book for the 17th time in the same day,  the news came  that we would be coming out of lockdown. This means that for many people, a summer holiday might be possible as we slowly return to however normal looks these days.  We hope that for families who are managing to get away, you manage to have a much longed for holiday and that you all stay safe and well.  

This time in 2019, we were working on plans for 2020.  We had several very exciting projects that should have been in full flow by now.  Unfortunately, COVID 19 put every single one of our projects on hold, and as disappointing as this has been, it will not stop us from making plans to reinstate them all in readiness for 2021.
During lockdown we worked harder than ever - we didn’t stop.  I know that many organisations have sadly had to lose staff, stop running support groups, postpone information days,  but we managed to carry on supporting patients and families, arranging online group chats, banks of support workers to help other patients, etc.  
We are working evenings and weekends to make sure that we continue to fulfill the promise we made to Jon Herron all those years ago - the promise?  That we will help those affected by melanoma and will continue to fight melanoma together.  
As many of our supporters know, we are a small but mighty team, and as well as the promise we made to Jon, we promise that we will always be here to support you and your loved ones.  It is desperately sad that the larger organisations are having to lose vital staff and perhaps won’t be able to fund the vital research, but please rest assured, Melanoma UK will continue to support all the projects that are important to you:  we have always said that if our fundraisers and supporters want to choose a project to support, we will make that happen.  It might take us a little bit longer to recover from the issues that COVID 19 presented us with, but please rest assured, we will be here for you when you need us.