Melanoma UK and Solbari has joined forces to keep you sun-safe this summer!

We are delighted to partner with Solbari, a leading Australian sun protection brand, whose range of stylish sun protective clothing, hats and accessories in lightweight, breathable fabrics will keep your skin sun-safe all year long.

Regular clothes and hats may be letting through harmful ultraviolet rays, leaving your skin exposed. All Solbari products offer the highest sun protection available in the World for fabrics blocking UVA and UVB rays. 

For the month of July, Solbari is offering 10% discount off your purchases. In addition, Solbari will donate 5% off the sale price to Melanoma UK to support the work we do for melanoma patients in the UK. 

Use code MelanomaUK at checkout to receive the 10% discount and support a cause you care about.

Click here for the full range of Solbari UP50+ sun protective clothing, hats and accessories