Melanoma UK has been invited again to help out the Welsh Rugby Union squad with their skin checks.  The charity’s  commitment to melanoma awareness in Wales continues and this event follows the donation of the first Fotofinder in 2018 which was donated for the benefit of NHS patients.

Dr Christian Aldridge, Melanoma UK’s dermatology advisor, will screen the full team, coaches and staff.  Melanoma UK has helped out a number of sporting disciplines over the years, hooking up with the PFA and the ECB on a number of occasions. 

Dr Aldridge says:  “I am grateful once again for Dr Geoff Davies’s help as the WRU Medical Director, in organising this screening of the Welsh Rugby Team prior to their departure to Japan to play in the Rugby World Cup. This is an excellent opportunity both to provide a Skin review to the team and also to maintain the profile of Melanoma in the media and to show how important regular skin checks are.”

Gill Nuttall, Founder of Melanoma UK said: “We are very happy to be able to help out the squad again.  Sports people are always very good when it comes to helping the raising of awareness.  They spend long periods outdoors in training and during matches so it is great that they are able to get skin checks as well as raising awareness of melanoma.   We are grateful to Dr Aldridge for his help and to the players and officials of WRU”