MelMarT-II is the Melanoma Margins Trial. It is a randomised study comparing the difference between 1cm and 2cm Wide Local Excision for the treatment of primary cutaneous melanoma.

The MelMarT-II study hypothesis is, that there is no difference in disease free survival for patients treated with either a 1cm or 2cm excision margin for clinical stage II primary cutaneous melanoma, that a 1cm excision margin will reduce the risk of long-term pain, will reduce surgical complication rates, and will have an impact on improved quality of life.

MelMarT-II has a permissive, pragmatic trial design and is designed to mirror standard of care for treatment and follow-up.

In the UK, as of the 20 February 2023, there are 18 sites open to recruitment and 234 patients enrolled.

Participating sites are located in the North West, the North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands, the East of England, London, the South East and the South West. The 17th site to open to MelMarT-II was Birmingham University Hospitals. We have recently activated The Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester. We will be opening an additional site in Preston later this spring.

Do you, or someone you know want more information relating to participation?

If you think you are eligible for this trial and would be interested in learning more, please speak to the team or clinician who is responsible for your care.

The important study eligibility criteria are:

  • Participants must be over 18 years of age,
  • Participants will already have a Stage 2 primary invasive cutaneous melanoma.  This might be, head, arms, legs, body, scalp, limbs.  (Note, there will be some areas that will be excluded),
  • There must have been no previous surgeries to remove this melanoma.

The Team is planning another On The Spot Webinar. Look out for further details.