In 2007 when our Founder Gill Nuttall, was looking for some help for Jon, Professor Gore was one of the first people she contacted.  He responded almost immediately.  Whilst he couldn't offer any help, the response was kind, sympathetic and heartfelt.

Over the last few years we worked with Professor Gore during NICE appraisals and whenever his name was mentioned amongst the melanoma patient community, the words you heard were always, without exception, compliments and praise.  Professor Gore was respected by everyone he touched. 

On the 10 January 2019 Professor Gore passed away suddenly and it was clear from the memorial service that we attended on the 11 April 2019, that not only was he adored by his loving family, but all his colleagues and fellow professionals. 

Tributes to Professor Gore were given by members of his family, Professor David Cunningham, Professor Charlie Swanton, Cally Palmer CBE, and at the reception by Professor James Larkin.  The service was attended by almost a thousand people, including many of his patients who are still very shocked at his sudden passing.  To be invited to attend the ceremony was an absolute privilege and an honour. 

From stories of his childhood when he pretended to be asleep during a bout of sickness and then climbed a cupboard and drank a bottle of medicine, his love of Fulham (and often his despair as he stood on the terraces in driving rain, eating a cold pie, 3-0 down after twenty five minutes) it was a memorial service that we will never forget.    One of the speakers said this about him and we think it just about says everything and sums him up completely:  "Martin was utterly disinterested in possessions, he was only interested in people".