The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued a Final Appraisal Document recommending the reimbursement of Pembrolizumab, as an option for adjuvant treatment of completely resected stage 2B or 2C melanoma in people 12 years and over.

Standard care for people with stage 2B or 2C melanoma that has been removed with surgery (resected) is routine follow-up but there is an unmet need for treatments after surgery (adjuvant treatment). 

The number of people developing melanoma is rising and it is now the 5th most common cancer in the UK. Approximately 16,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with melanoma each year, though 86% of melanoma cases in the UK are preventable.

Melanoma UK attended the appraisal meeting and with feedback provided by the melanoma patient community we were able to get the patient voice heard. We are delighted with this positive recommendation and would like to thank everyone who helped.

People with stage 2B or 2C melanoma will now have access to their first adjuvant immunotherapy treatment option, giving hope to patients who live with the fear of their cancer recurring after surgery.

The landscape for melanoma treatments has changed dramatically over the years and although we still have a long way to go, positive decisions like this is life changing.

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