We will be 'On The Spot' with Dr Thomas Westwood & Dr Agata Rembielak on Thursday 24th June at 2pm

Do you know the difference between a radiologist and a radiographer? Do you understand what all the various scans mean during your treatment - PET scan, MRI, CT scan, etc?

During this webinar we will attempt to demystify radiology and give you the answers.

Our guest speakers for this months 'On The Spot' webinar will be Dr Thomas Westwood and Dr Agata Rembielak from The Christie Hospital in Manchester. 

Biography - Dr Thomas Westwood

Dr Westwood is a Consultant Oncological Radiologist and Radionuclide.  Thomas completed higher subspecialty training in molecular imaging and PET-CT at The Christie where he is now clinical lead for the regional PET-CT service and a core faculty member of the PET-CT academy, which trains consultants from around the country in the use of PET-CT.  He also leads the delivery of specialist nuclear medicine cancer therapies including Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) and Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT). His areas of specialist interest include imaging of skin cancers and neuroendocrine tumours.

Biography - Dr Agata Rembielak

Dr Rembielak is a Clinical Oncology Consultant at The Christie Hospital in Manchester and Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer at The University of Manchester.  Her research interests include skin cancer, particularly the role of radiotherapy and brachytherapy in skin cancer management.  Agata is a member of the NCRI Skin Cancer Group and leads on radiation oncology studies. Currently she is a CI for a planned clinical trial looking at postoperative radiotherapy in high risk skin cancer SCC.  Agata is a member of BAD guidelines group on skin SCC (published in BJD in 2020. Internationally, Agata is a director at the ESTRO skin cancer course and sits on the GEC-ESTRO Head and Neck and Skin Working Group.  She co-authored ESTRO guidelines on skin brachytherapy.

To register for this webinar click the link: 'On The Spot' with Dr Thomas Westwood & Dr Agata Rembielak