Working in partnership with one of the UK's leading creative agency Leith, Melanoma UK exposes the risks of skin cancer with a new health campaign printed in sunscreen!

Whilst record temperatures hit the UK, many warnings focus on the days of extreme temperatures.  However, exposure to high UV rays creates a constant risk of skin cancer. We need to remind people of the importance of sunscreen and staying shaded whenever possible. 

In the UK, the number of people developing melanoma has increased steadily, with approximately 16,000 people a year being diagnosed with the condition, making it the fifth most common cancer in the UK.

A staggering 86% of all melanoma cases are preventable by staying safe in the sun; a precaution which is often overlooked during the summer months. These statistics are what drove Melanoma UK to urgently create a campaign which encourages sun-safety and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

With the support of Leith, warnings have been printed in sunscreen onto specialist UV paper, which changes colour and burns as a reaction to UV rays. As the posters are exposed to UV rays, the warning messages appear and highlight the risks that UV exposure poses to our skin. 

John McPartland, Creative Director Health, Leith said “With the changing environment, making heat waves more common, the risk of Melanoma has never been higher. However the risks of Melanoma don’t just exist during heat waves. We wanted to not only highlight the dangers UV pose, but show the protection that sunscreen can offer against them.”

This quirky and creative campaign, highlights the dangers that UV radiation can pose when least expected. Sunburn doesn’t just happen abroad or on sunny days, the sun is often strong enough in the UK to damage your skin, even if it’s cold or cloudy. It is still possible to enjoy being outside but we need to take steps to prevent the chance of skin cancer from occurring, especially as the risk of melanoma is set to increase due to global warming.

Keep an eye out for our posters and remember to find a sunscreen that you like, make it your new BFF and wear it every day!

Gill & Di

About Leith:Leith was founded in 1984 and is a multi award-winning creative agency, known for its Bold Ideas That Make A Difference. With humble beginnings in Edinburgh's old docks, Leith now has over 130 employees, working across a range of formats and disciplines.  Leith works in the health and wellbeing sector and has a special spot for getting to the heart of issues affecting people's health. Working with Melanoma UK allows us to start tackling the fifth most prominent cancer in the UK. With the rise of global warming, this cancer is set to grow even more among the UK in the coming years. We want to be part of the solution now to make sure it doesn’t.