Pauline Latham is the chair of the Melanoma Taskforce which meets regularly in Westminster along with many other charities and medics.  

Sadly, Pauline is no stranger to melanoma, having lost her brother to the disease and has recently received a diagnosis herself.   She has always made it very clear that she feels strongly about the use of sunbeds and on the 13 February is hosting a debate in Westminster Hall.

Through the social media channels, the House of Commons reached out to the public to ask for experiences that could be shared with Pauline in preparation for the debate.  Many comments were made on the post and it seems that a lot of people share the concerns.  

We are very grateful to Pauline for taking this issue so very seriously, and on behalf of our patient, families and all our supporters, we thank her and the other MPs who have shown an interest. 

The petition for a ban on commercial sunbeds in the UK is live again and can be signed here.  Please do help us to do what they did in Australia and get sunbeds banned.