Another fantastic partnership is launched during #menshealthweek2022
Melanoma UK has teamed up with UK Paving Talk Group to heighten awareness of the importance of wearing sunscreen and urging their members to go on the mole hunt and check for signs of skin cancer!

Iain Jordan set up the private Facebook group UKPTG 6 years ago. Initially focussed on supporting fellow pavers by providing advice, offering hints & tips and showcasing their work. Since it launched the membership has grown considerably and now stands at 17.7K members including suppliers and industry leaders. 

Iain runs a paving business in sunny Cornwall and is good friends with our amazing Outdoor Workers Ambassador, Shane McCormick, who in turn introduced him to Melanoma UK.

You never know who is dealing or has dealt with melanoma in their lives and Iain is no exception. Iain's auntie, who was 49 at the time of her death, died from melanoma within 9 months of being diagnosed. He now wants to use the UK Paving Talk Group platform to do some good.  

Iain said "I think it’s a great opportunity to team up with Melanoma UK and spread the word to as many people as we can about how important it is to wear sunscreen and to go on the mole hunt and check for signs of skin cancer. We are delighted to be partners with Melanoma UK."

Melanoma UK are so grateful for the opportunity of helping the paving community - welcome to the family 💜
Gill & Di