Melanoma surgery can leave patients with lasting scars and whilst some patients don't try to cover up their scars, many patients will want to disguise them.  Maybe not every day, but on the occasions when they do, it is always helpful for them to learn how to use skin camouflage.  We are delighted to welcome Skin Camouflage Services as one of our latest partners.  

Skin Camouflage Services has been providing world class expertise in clinical skin camouflage since 2007. Led by founder Vanessa Jane Davies with 25 years in the profession, Vanessa is arguably the UK’s most experienced Skin Camouflage Consultant and Expert Witness in her field. Skin Camouflage Services provides practical skin camouflage assessment, tuition, support and where required ongoing rehabilitation to individuals affected by a huge variety of visible skin differences, including many who are living with or are recovering from melanoma. 

Skin camouflage is the skilled application of highly pigmented creams and liquids to areas of skin discolouration or scaring to even out skin tones and improve the aesthetic appearance of a person’s skin. Treatment for melanoma​ inevitably means surgery and depending on the depth or ‘Breslow thickness’ and staging of the melanoma, surgery can be minor to very major, including wide excisions requiring skin grafts which can leave significant skin discolouration and scaring. Effective treatment is of course the most important thing, but how you feel about the way you look is also an important part of one’s recovery. By skillfully concealing skin colour differences that surgery and treatment leave, skin camouflage can help, men or women of any ethnicity, even children when they are old enough to understand.