Music Is the Best Medicine 🎵

Today, on #WorldMentalHealthDay we are launching our very own Spotify playlist of feel good music chosen by you 👉our melanoma community.

We know that music has proven beneficial for many reasons. It decreases anxiety and depression before, during, and after surgery. It decreases anxiety and improves well-being of our patients dealing with scanxiety. Music can help relieve pain and decrease nausea and vomiting when on treatment. There's so many benefits of music and we would love your help to build this playlist.

Everyone has different tastes in music and that's what will make this playlist so special.

If you would like to help us put together The Ultimate Feel Good Music list then click the link below, fill out the attached form and let's help each other through the power of music....The Medicine of the Mind.


We will launch the first version of our playlist next week so you have plenty of time to choose your feel good tunes!!


Gill & Di x