Melanoma UK has made donations to support this project.  

I can report that we have begun preparing a scientific manuscript pertaining to the results of the Manchester Melanoma Project. Ahead of its publication, we will In February be presenting our findings to a major scientific conference in Banff, Canada. As we are at a sensitive stage it is difficult for me to share specifics with you, but I anticipate that our research findings will be in the public domain later in the year.

I have also had grant success building on our unpublished data, not only as I mentioned before from Melanoma Research Alliance but also now Worldwide Cancer Research. So I have been able to recruit two new members of staff.

Therefore, the Manchester Melanoma Project has definitely taken off and we are well on our way to notching up our first milestone (the manuscript I mention). I am extremely grateful to donors who find the strength amidst their grief to make something positive from their tragedy. They are an inspiration. The collective sum so far raised has already exceeded my expectations. They would be welcome to visit our facility and talk to my team any time.

Thank you to the supporters of Melanoma UK.