We are looking for skilled volunteers who are friends and supporters of Melanoma UK and happy to represent the patient group in their communities. Together we can heighten awareness about melanoma.

There are many ways to help as volunteering comes in varies guises. We are looking for:

Volunteer to Fundraise
  • Get involved and make a difference in your community.  All you need is a little time to spare and a passion for beating melanoma.
Volunteer photography skills
  • We often have a number of events throughout the UK organised by our wonderful fundraisers but they need help to capture images of the day.
Volunteer at an organised community event
  • When all the hard work is done to organise an event, all we need sometimes is volunteers to come out, cheer and show their support.
Volunteer to help train our Ambassadors
  • If your company provides a service that can help us develop our ambassador programme we need to hear from you. We are looking for companies who can help with:
    • Public Speaking
    • Leadership skills