Donating to a cause you care about not only benefits our charity, but it can also be deeply rewarding for you too.

Get ideas for how you can fundraise for Melanoma UK right here! Thank you for your support.

Abseil - A Fundraising Charity Abseil. Time to go "Over the Top" for your favourite good cause!

Bake sale - Show off your baking skills by holding a charity bake sale and enjoy some delicious treats while raising funds and awareness.

Coffee mornings - whether its a latte, cappuccino, or an espresso, hosting a coffee morning is a fantastic way to fundraise for Melanoma UK while enjoying time with friends.

Dinner Party - Put 'fun' into your fundraising by hosting a dinner party or Come Dine with Me for Melanoma UK. This is a great way to raise money and awareness for Melanoma UK by gathering family and friends and turning your dining room into a restaurant.

Give it up! - If you have a habit you want to kick, why not do it while fundraising for a cause close to your heart, Melanoma UK? Habits can be costly so why not either donate the money you save or if your habit is a pain to others then why not have people sponsor you.

It’s a Knockout It's A Knockout was a hit game show which first aired in the 60s and now its back with a twist to raise funds for Melanoma UK in a fun and festive way! One of our melanoma patients, Julie Spencer, runs an annual Its A Knockout festival so if you are looking for any help then let us know and we will put you in touch. 

Marathon events - Beyond the sense of achievement that you will get from finishing a race, running on behalf of Melanoma UK will give you further purpose for completing the event. If you are able to achieve personal goals as well as raising valuable funds for our charity, this will add another level of effort to the challenge.

Matched Giving Charity Matched Giving is a very simple process. Companies pledge to donate to Melanoma UK an amount of money relating to the amount that an employee(s) donates or fundraises for us. 

Quiz night Are you ready to take on the role of question master, challenging your friends and family while raising vital funds for Melanoma UK?

Raffle - A raffle is great to have at a fundraising event. Just charge a fee for tickets and the winner gets a prize.

Golf Days - If you love golf or know someone who does, charity golf days have amazing fundraising potential. Turn your hobby into a money maker to help Melanoma UK purchase a new Automated Total Body Mapping Unit.

Skydiving - Skydives are a very popular fundraising activity so take the plunge and Jump for Melanoma UK. 

Running - Help raise money while heightening awareness of melanoma and undertake one of the many charity runs that exists. Check our events page for 5K, half and full marathon opportunities available.

Zip Wire - this will appeal to our adrenaline junkie fundraiser. There's zip wires up and down the country so it will be easy to find one close to you.  Get your friends to join you or if they are too scared, they need to double their donation.

Penalty Shoot Out - At your next football match, raise funds by charging your fellow players a fee every time they miss.