In women, melanoma is most commonly found on the lower legs. In men, melanoma is most commonly found on the head, neck, chest and back.27 Melanomas are uncommon in areas which are protected from sun exposure.1


Visit your doctor straight away if you have any of these symptoms:

  • any of the ABCDE signs
  • any unusual marks on the skin that last for more than a few weeks
  • a mole that tingles or itches
  • crusting or bleeding of a mole
  • something growing under a nail or a new dark-coloured stripe along part of the nail

A good time to check your skin is after a bath or shower. Use a mirror to help you see your moles - this will get easier with time as you become more familiar with your skin and what your moles normally look like.

Checking for these signs is very important as melanoma can usually be cured if it is found at an early stage.

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