MMeet Will, a 63 year old melanoma patient battling metastatic melanoma. Today is his first year Cancerversary!

On the 15th May 2020 when Will was diagnosed with melanoma he decided to start a blog. 

He was keen to track the progress of the treatment, his feelings and interactions with friends and family.

Will said being told he had cancer with brain tumours was life changing, things that were important a month ago do not even register on his radar today.

Will said "You suddenly have one point of focus and drive, nothing else matters."

We are delighted to share Will's story as part of Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness month.  We want to share patient stories throughout the month of May with our followers so you can see first hand at just what a rollercoaster ride a diagnosis of melanoma can actually have on their lives. 

Grab yourself a coffee and read Will's blog - The Long Shadow

Thanks Will, you joined our weekly calls back in June 2020 and we love seeing you every week......blessed to have you in our lives.

Gill & Di