Gemini Full 'Cold' Moon Lunar Eclipse 
There will be a game-changing full moon in the airy, intellectual sign of Gemini on November 30th. Traditionally known as the ‘Cold Moon’ to mark the onset of winter, this full moon will be extra potent as it is also the final lunar eclipse of 2020. Eclipses often mark periods of major change, so whether the universe chooses to close one door or throw open a couple of windows, you can be sure that things will be shaken up under this lunar energy. This moon corresponds with the full moon lunar eclipse of June 8th, so think back to summer if you need any clues as to how this may affect you. 
Gemini is ruled by the messenger planet, Mercury and the 3rd house of communication, transportation, and community. It is a sign that likes to wax lyrical about all manner of subjects which they do with trademark flair and flamboyance. Geminis are often blessed with a touch of genius about them and they are notorious for their witty way with words, which is why you'll find so many rappers, poets and songwriters born under this sign, see natives, Kanye, 2Pac, Kendrick Lamar, Stevie Nicks and Bob Dylan.  
The electric full moon in communicative Gemini will oppose the sun in freedom-loving Sagittarius, so this lunar eclipse may raise issues relating to where we live and how we see our place in the world. As the majority of us continue to live with various travel restrictions in place, expansion and exploration may need to take place in the mind until the new year, however, under this lunation there is great potential to plot, plan and perfect any long-term goals with all this cosmic cerebral energy.
Communication is key under this lunation, so pay particular attention to your thoughts, feelings and dreams at this time. The full moon in Gemini is the perfect time to express yourself, whether that be a heartfelt conversation, journaling, poetry, or any form of self-expression which is very much favoured under this lunar eclipse. Our physical worlds may have become much smaller of late, but the power of our imaginations and the worlds that they can create are limitless.
As 2020 draws to a close and we enter eclipse season, an astrological clear out of the mind, body, and soul are in order. We are being asked to strip away all that we no longer wish to carry with us into the new year and more importantly, a new astrological age. Change is coming my friends...
Enjoy the full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini. Love, Melissa