Full Moon in Aries

The month of October is an action packed one, astrologically speaking, for we have not one, but two full moons this month, beginning with an intense and powerful full moon in Aries on October 1st. Also known as the Harvest Moon to herald the Autumn equinox, you may have heard of this lunation as immortalised by Neil Young in the record and song of the same name.

Aries is ruled by the 1st house of self and identity, and as the first sign on the astrological wheel, these headstrong natives make for natural leaders as they possess an abundance of sass, courage and determination. Aries know what they want in life and they aren’t afraid to go for it, after all, their ruling planet is Mars, the mythological god of War. Indeed, these fiery natives are extremely competitive and very creative and flamboyant, which is why they are often nicknamed the divas of the zodiac, see natives, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Mariah Carey.

With the sun in collaborative and partnership-driven Libra opposite the moon in self-orientated Aries, the theme of this full moon is 'We vs Me'. You may consider whether or not you have enough independence and autonomy in your relationships now, or conversely, you may feel you need to invest more energy in your partnerships if you’ve been neglecting those around you. Remember, the Libra / Aries axis is all about maintaining balance and harmony between the self and others.

A word to the wise, this full moon will conjunct Chiron in Aries and as Chiron is known as ‘the wounded healer’, this full moon has the potential to bring all sorts to the surface, especially where issues of identity and the self are concerned. Are you living an authentic life? Perhaps you’re too preoccupied with how others view you. Remember, we each have our own insecurities and vulnerabilities, it’s what makes us human, in fact, it is precisely these so-called imperfections that make us the wonderful, complex, and unique beings that we are. 

Manifest the power of this Aries full moon to embrace all parts of yourself, especially the ones you don't give much love. Most of all, remember to be kind. We are each fighting our own invisible battles each and every day, so embrace the heroic energy of Aries to champion both yourself and those around you. There is so much potential for healing under this full moon. Make love, not war.

With Moon Blessings, Melissa