This month’s full moon will be in the dedicated and hardworking sign of Virgo, bringing clarity and orderliness in a world of chaos. Also known as the ‘Snow Moon’, this moon also signals the final days of Winter.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of ideas and communication, so this moon will set the perfect tone for anything cerebral, be it work, study, or even a long-overdue catch up with your nearest and dearest. Virgos love to be of service to others and their generosity knows no bounds. If you have been thinking of checking in on a friend or neighbour, now is the time.

Virgo also rules the 6th house of work, service and health so this is a wonderful time to kick start a healthy habit, be that a new diet or a major overhaul of your home. Disorder and mess stress these earthy natives to the point of giving them stomach ache (Virgo also rules the digestive system), so utilise this full moon's energy to spring clean both your mental and physical space, you will feel great for it.

Astrologically, restrictive Saturn will be squaring freewheeling Uranus, so you may experience conflicting feelings of responsibility vs independence which can cause frustration and although Mercury is now direct, we are still in the post-shadow period until mid-March, so have your wits about you. The good news is that the moon will also trine Uranus bringing the potential for positivity, creativity, and individuality. 

No matter how you spend this weekend’s full moon, remember to be kind- both to others and to yourself. We may still be living with various restrictions, but there are ways that we can raise our vibration and improve our daily lives. Virgos relish in the details and the little things, the stuff that makes a difference. So why not create a calm, orderly space for remote working, take a long walk in nature, or spend time with a beloved pet. Let the luminous full moon in Virgo remind you that there is always light to be found in the darkest of times.

With Moon Blessings, Melissa