Happy new Year! The first full moon of 2021 arrives with a bang in the show stopping sign of Leo on January 28th. This month’s moon is also rather wonderfully known as the ‘Wolf Moon’ in the farmer’s almanac as wolves are said to howl more during this time of year.

Leos are known for being loud, proud and adore being at the centre of attention. They are the zodiacs superstars and they like to embrace life and love in the fast lane. As a fixed sign, Leos can also be quite the diva (Madonna, Whitney Houston, Kate Bush, JLO anyone?) and can exhibit a kind of ‘my way or the highway’ attitude. They do however, make for excellent friends and lovers due to their large hearts and even larger than life personalities. Ruled by the sun and governed by the astrological 5th house of creativity, self-expression, and children, life is never dull around a Leo or those with strong 5th house placements.

Full moons are a great time to ‘let go’ and this moon in particular is a welcome reminder of the need to release fears and instead, embrace playful paths of self-expression, be that dancing, singing, or painting. Think back to when you were a child, what brought you joy?

Astrologically speaking, this will be quite a dramatic moon as it will square both Mars and Uranus who are both currently residing in stubborn Taurus. A word to the wise, try to avoid any unnecessary confrontations and arguments as there is the potential for grudges to be held and well, life is far too short for that.

Now for the great news. Once a year the sun and fortuitous Jupiter form a rare conjunction in the skies which astrologers call, ‘The Day of Miracles’, so auspicious is this day. So, this is an excellent time for taking well calculated risks as lady luck will be on your side.

Although we must continue to navigate our lives under the various pressures and restrictions of the times, the passionate full moon in Leo asks that we try to seek joy and pleasure in life wherever possible. Creative hobbies and endeavours are especially favoured now, so tap into your inner child and express your heart’s desire. It is a day of miracles, after all.

With Moon Blessings, Melissa