The final full moon of 2020 will take place tonight, offering the rare chance to see a 13th full moon in a single calendar year. 

2020 is nearly over and rather poignantly, the year is bowing out under the influence of an emotive full moon in the nurturing sign of Cancer on 29th /30th December. Also known as ‘Long Night’s Moon’ to signify the darker days following the Winter Solstice, the theme of this month’s full moon is one of healing.

Ruled by the moon itself, Cancerians are known for their changeable moods and otherworldly powers of intuition, emotional depth and romantic outlook on life. It is no secret that Cancerians LOVE to be in love and they embrace all aspects of the journey from the giddy stratospheres of new love to the darker corners of heartbreak, see Cancerian torch singer-songwriter, Lana Del Rey, whose lyrics explore love and lust in all its gory glory or Cancerian pop star, Ariana Grande, who documented the highs and lows of her love life in her single, ‘thank u, next’, or take double Cancerian Courtney Love, whose scathing lyrics explore themes of sex, femininity, and Motherhood.

Governed by the astrological 4th house of the home, family, and in particular, the Mother, home is where the heart is for the sign of Cancer, so it is rather apt that in a year defined by travel bans, lockdowns and remote working, that the final full moon of 2020 falls under the influence of a zodiac sign represented by refuge and emotional security.

Full moons are a perfect time for release as they mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another - a great source of comfort if we have endured a difficult period in our lives, therefore, the final moon of the year (and indeed of the decade), can be regarded as hugely therapeutic in terms of releasing what has been an incredibly difficult year both individually and collectively.

The events and astrology of 2020 have been eventful and tumultuous to say the least, however, as we approach a new year and a new era (we are now in the Age of Aquarius following the ‘Great Conjunction’ of December 21st), let the healing energy of the Cancer full moon embrace you as we release the past year with courage and welcome in a new chapter with hope.

Wishing each and every one of you a very Happy and Healthy New Year, with Moon Blessings, Melissa


The moon will appear full from Monday to Wednesday but will officially peak at 3.28 am GMT on 30 December.