At the end of one of the busiest months of the year, it is only now that we can sit down and take a view of everything that we did during the month of May.  May has been melanoma awareness month throughout the world for many years and as well as the work that we do with our colleagues in the global coalition, we carried out a huge amount of work in the UK. 

In no particular order, we launched a number of initiatives, including:

This is just a brief snap shot of some of our achievements in May. 

We cannot let the last day of May pass by without a huge mention to the launch of our National Mole Hunt and taking to the road. What started out as an idea before COVID, ended up coming to life on 27th-29th May. Never did we think we would be holding a 3 day skin cancer education weekend in Liverpool but we did it. This was just the start with much more to follow. We will be uploading lots of photos over the coming days but take our word for it - it was phenomenal.

We know that during the months of lockdown, many skin cancers will have gone undetected and we desperately want to do something to counteract that.  Lockdown created many problems for us all, and we now need to get things back on track. 

Like many other melanoma charities, May is an important month for us all, but as we enter June and the summer months, there is still a lot of work to be done.  We can look back on our achievements with a huge sense of pride, but that will last a moment.  On we go. 

As ever, we are at the end of a call if you need us.  Always. 

Gill & Di

For more details on The National Mole Hunt click here