BEST CANCER SCREENING EVER. Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in the UK so, this Valentine’s Day, we encourage you to #makelovewiththelightson

The dangers of skin cancer are too important to go unnoticed so be a #skinhero this valentine and carry out a skin examination on your partner. If you love your partner, go on the #valentine mole hunt and check their spots 💜 #look #love #touch #skincheck #valentine #checkyourmate

Skin cancer is the cancer you can see. Unlike cancers that develop inside the body, skin cancers form on the outside and are usually visible. That’s why skin exams, both at home and with a dermatologist, are especially vital.

Early detection saves lives. Learning what to look for on your own skin gives you the power to detect cancer early when it’s easiest to cure, before it can become dangerous, disfiguring or deadly.

When you can't see a specialist, make sure you're checking your own skin regularly. A thorough self-exam requires the following simple supplies: a bright light, a full-length mirror, a hand mirror, two chairs or stools and a blow-dryer. Be sure to document your findings by writing them down, or use your phone to take picturesWe've got the tools to help you.

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